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When a new member contacts us, we match that person to a Temporary Contact in the community where they will be living. If you have volunteered for this type of service, we will call to get your OK and then send them your contact information Your job is simple. You arrange to take them to an A.A. meeting as soon as possible.

Your commitment is to take them to as many as six meetings. During this time, you help them become acquainted, get phone numbers and perhaps locate a sponsor and a home group. You introduce them to others so they have a broad healthy base, then you are available to become a Temporary Contact for another person.

If you would like to help in this very important Twelfth Step work and have at least 6 months of continuous sobriety in the A.A. program, please complete the form below and click the “Send Message” button.

All information is and will remain strictly confidential.

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Points To Remember: No one speaks for A.A. as a whole. When we carry the A.A. message to a newcomer we are just one drunk talking with another. How we look, act and talk may be all they are going to know about Alcoholics Anonymous. Since we may be seen as part of A.A., let our new friends see, hear and talk to a winner!

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